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Who is the Mediator?

Mervyn Malamed, a veteran of the Jewelry Industry, now highly accredited in a second career resolving conflicts through Mediation in the Jewelry Industry.



Mervyn started his career at the bench in 1971.

He is an award winning designer and Goldsmith that founded, and built a jewelry manufacturing and wholesaling company that served over a five hundred stores across the US.

Until 1987, he was an active as a Member of the American Gem Society, the 24kt Club, and served on the Board of the Jewelry Circle of the City of Hope; an organization that “is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people with cancer, diabetes and other serious illnesses”.

Mervyn is also an agitator for fairness which led to his serving as Vice President of the Jewelry Manufacturers Guild for two terms during which time his views were quoted in all of the Jewelry Industry publications, and even in the Washington Post.

He has studied gemology at the De Beers laboratory and qualified as Diamond Grader from the Gemological Institute of America.


He is passionate about ‘giving back’ to the industry by instigating the exponential effects that Conflict Resolution generates. His mantra…

“When you help one person to resolve a conflict, the experience extends to others like family, friends, and colleagues. That can take on a life of its own and spread more than we realize. What a great way to make the world a slightly better place!”

Mervyn is an Accredited CEDR [Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, London] Mediator – considered to be the international gold standard. He is also a Certified Trainer of several Conflict Management Courses including Conflict Dynamics, Florida’s ‘Becoming Conflict Competent’ and Mediation Training International, Kansas’ ‘Succesful Conflict Conversations’.


“I developed an understanding of the costs associated with the resolution of disputes in the Jewelry Industry through my own outdated and destructive conflict handling.”

The post grad [PG. Dip Dispute Settlement] launch of my second career some years ago has included the creation of my own comprehensive training course, infused with a good dose of ‘street-smarts’.


My work involves Alternate Dispute Resolution and is structured to save people time, stress, and money.”


“Conflict is as natural for people as it is for animals. As long as territory, food, mates, and in the case of humans, money, is limited, there’s conflict.”

– Steve Tobak CBS Television: Money Watch

“The first thing to strike you when meeting Mervyn is his direct and honest approach. Mervyn is straight and frank and you can trust what he says. Mervyn is very generous – not only with his time but also his advice and mentorship. He is considerate of others. Mervyn is thorough; he likes detail, and speaks and acts with accuracy. It’s hard to shake Mervyn’s commitment to his projects and you can see his connection in everything he does. It’s a real pleasure knowing Mervyn and I look forward to working with him more in the future.”

Robyn Young Personal Branding Strategist